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Leslie Loves Veggies Loves eSutras!

Want some free goodies from eSutras? We bet you do! Leslie Loves Veggies - the notable interactive blog that offers awesome daily giveaways of organic, gourmet, trendy, great, yummy, you-name-it products - is offering an eSutras Prize Package giveaway! We're so excited to be a part of Leslie's blog! Want to know how you can win? Visit the giveaway page for details! Leslie says, HERE'S HOW TO WIN: YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST or all other entries will be DELETED! Please visit eSutras Organics shop around then tell me something you learned about eSutras Organics or a product you would LoVe to try! (1 entry) BONUS ENTRIES Subscribe by Email and Confirm that Subscription (1 entry) Subscribe to Leslie Loves Veggies in a Reader (1 entry) Follow Me on Blogger (1 entry) Like Leslie Loves Veggies on Facebook (2 separate entries) Follow ME on Twitter (1 entry) Follow eSutras on Twitter (1 entry) Leave a Tweet and the direct link to that tweet (1 entry) You can do

Survivin' the Summer with eSutras

Chill Out It's hot out there. But don't sweat it. Cool down and chill out with eSutras Herbal Teas. Mix 'em, match 'em, put 'em on ice and serve 'em up! Picnic Time Organic spices & culinary oils for dipping, bruschetta for spreading, teas for sipping and chocolates for munching! Sun Survival Beat the heat with help from eSutras! Soothing tinctures, healing essential oils and relaxing spa products for your summer survival needs. April Showers, Summer Flowers Stop and smell the roses! With eSutras fragrant, fresh-dried botanicals, pure essential oils and custom-blend elixirs, it's easy to bring aromatherapy home. Enjoy the little things. Shop online at eSutras Organics today! 

Organic, Vegan Amaranth Grits

Wondering what you can do with all those delicious items you bought from eSutras over the weekend at the Green Festival in Chicago? Well, we've done some experimenting with the food kits we made for the occasion and this is one of the results! Our Vegan Amaranth Grits are easy, exotic, taste bud-bending and mouthwatering. They incorporate the essentials of the food kits, and can be made with either the Pan-Asian or New American ki t.  Pan-Asian Epicurean Food Kit by eSutras Organics Be forewarned: Amaranth can be tricky. The wrong consistency will give you brittle, gritty kernels, but with a little patience and focus, Amaranth can be seriously delicious. Follow our instructions carefully, add adjustments if you think they're necessary, depending on your knowledge of your kitchen equipment and remember that your hard work will pay off! Amaranth is not only savory, but one of the world's more serious super grains, chock full of protein and vitamins.

Summer Spice Trio

The days are getting longer, it's definitely hotter and we're all feeling a little lazy as summertime strikes. I know when I start to feel that heat-induced ennui that it's time for some fresh food, a new recipe and a refreshing meal. eSutras has made a new Summer Spice Trio - find it here - for just these moods. Exotic and revitalizing spices to complement sunny days, picnics, sandy beaches and summer ennui. CORIANDER SEED +++ Today I discovered that coriander seed grows into a plant otherwise known as cilantro. Who knew!? Coriander always seemed so Mediterranean or Middle Eastern, so foreign, but cilantro? I grow it in my backyard! That's the great thing about eSutras Organics Coriander Seed: it can be all those things. It's easy to cultivate in a tiny kitchen planter, the leaves are fantastic in tons of dishes and the seeds - when ground and used as a spice - are sweet, unusual and distinct. CELERY SEED +++ These little buggers are the best fo