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The New Green Drink for St. Paddy's Day

Forget green beer, green rivers, green eggs this St. Patrick's Day. We've got a new green drink for you this holiday! Use the coupon code at the bottom of this post for 10% off eSutras Organics' Absinthe Kit and party with the green fairy this holiday (which, as you may have noticed, is already 25% off! ). Enjoy the world's notorious alcoholic spirit, made traditionally and organically! Absinthe was first popularized in 19th-century France and has been enjoyed through the years by the likes of Edgar Degas, Toulouse Lautrec, Picasso, Oscar Wilde & Ernest Hemingway. The oldest technique for making absinthe is simply to steep wormwood and other spices like star anise, anise seed, fennel, hyssop, angelica root, coriander or peppermint in an alcoholic drink like beer, wine or a neutral spirit (we're talking the serious stuff: grain alcohols like vodka). Our kit provides the ingredients to make your own traditional, steeped recipes! The kit al

Exciting News

Dear Readers, Find us, as of yesterday, on the shelves of your local Chicago co-op, The Dill Pickle. We've got some of your favorites, including chocolates, agave nectar, teas and our amazing spice blends. Visit the Dill Pickle at 3039 W. Fullerton Ave . Find these great products and more! eSutras Organics Toasted Sesame Seed Oil - the best in the business! eSutras Organics Espresso Energy Chocolate Blend- our Vegan and Espresso chocolates.100% Vegan! eSutras Organics Defense Tea - made with astralagus, amla, hoodia, rosehip, ginger root, schizandra berry, hibiscus petal, licorice root, neem leaf, stevia leaf, ashwagandha root, goldenseal, rosemary and our special proprietary blend of spices. Fights colds and tastes delicious! Or visit the Dill Pickle's website, found here: .

Mamas & Babes Love Organics

We know it's early, but we're getting ready for Mother's Day here at eSutras (you've got until May 9, if you were wondering and getting a little worried). We just redesigned some of our superb spa and home products and threw 'em together as a pampering package for moms and their little ones. Say hello to the Babies Love Organics Family Kit! "Forty-two days of care for forty-two years ...." According to the 6,000 year-old medical texts in Ayurveda, moms are as psycho-physiologically delicate as their newborn babes for forty-two days after childbirth. But moms have so much to do during the first months of their babe's lives that they often sacrifice their physical well-being for their child's needs. Ayurvedic tradition stresses the necessity for mutual rejuvenation - for baby and mommy alike - during this special forty-two day window, so that mama can nurture and provide for her babe and the world for the next forty-two years! Ou