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Cutest Halloween Recipe EVER!!!!

Happy Halloween!! Today is one of the spookiest days of the year and probably my favorite holiday of all. The amazing crisp autumn air, orange and red leaves swirling in a whirlwind. Colorful costumes and delighted children rushing from house to house collecting an eight year olds version of gold. Halloween is a really fun tradition dating as far back as the Roman era. It was originally a day to celebrate summer’s end. Our version has a different meaning now and is much more of a novelty, but still a wonderful celebration of all things spooky.             Halloween is notorious for candy. It’s unheard of not to eat candy on Halloween. But candy is only good in small amounts. Today’s recipe is something a little different. It will give you something filling and nutritious to snack on, while still keeping with spooky tradition. Mummy Dogs w/ Green Mummy Sauce ( Serves about 8) Ingredients: ·          1 can (8 oz) crescent dinner rolls or ·          2 ½ sl

Alternative Remedies

Last night I attended an amazing event hosted by the good people over at Mindful Metropolis. It was a Health and Wellness Reception boasting booths that focused on eating right and keeping your body healthy. We got to talk to numerous people who promote a healthy and fit life-style. Great Chicago food vendors (including eSutras Organics!) were serving their best samples while, medical wellness practitioners gave everyone ample knowledge about way to keep your body in tip top shape. There was also a movie screening of the acclaimed film “9000 Needles” which follows a man’s harrowing journey to better health after a devastating tragedy. The movie really opens your eyes to the possibility of hope and alternative medicines as a way of helping you heal when modern practices offers little or no help. This got me thinking of what eSutras Organics supplements can help aid certain maladies you can suffer. For instance we offer eSutras Organics Milk Thistle Powder Capsules.

Baking Done Right!

eSutras is ready for the holiday season with specialty made kits! We’re introducing a few specialty kits, for a limited time, that would be perfect for a gift for your loved one this Christmas. All the kits are put together with the holiday season in mind. Try all our any of our special seasonal kits today! ·          eSutras Organics Super Grains and Oils Kit –   This heart healthy set of super grains is great for the health conscious baker. It contains Golden Flax, Amaranth, Sesame Seeds, and Brown Flax. It has our signature cold-pressed oils full of brain boosting omega-3! Our specialty blend of Toasted Sesame Seed Oil and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil will make your baked goods delicious and nutritious. ·          eSutras Organics Decadent Desserts Spice Kit -   This spice kit will give every dessert you make a unique and delicious twist. Its features several eSutras Organics one of a kind organic spice mixes. Nutmeg, Blue Poppy Seed, Ground Ginger, Pumpkin Pie Sp

eSutras Says …Relax!

Happy Tuesday everyone!   The week is half way over and the weekend looms ahead. For a resident of Chicago, like me, this week has been especially tumultuous weather-wise. Cold and rainy kicked off Chicago’s fall. And while the forecast for this weekend isn’t 90 degrees and sunny it is a bit better than the hardships this past week carried. To celebrate safely making it through another harrowing week today’s blog is going to focus purely on relaxation. Take this weekend to simply unwind and treat yourself to some TLC! eSutras Organics has a few products to help you shake off the tense muscles formed during the week! First try our Tibetan Mood Incense Blend . Chock full of great aromatic herbs that are sure to put you in a relaxing mood. After relaxing with this awesome treat yourself to a massage! eSutras Organics has lots of specially made massage oils as well as essential oils. Here are a few that are perfect for a calming weekend indoors. ·          eSutras

Winter Red Sauce over Spaghetti Squash

    Today’s weekly recipe is a delicious vegan and organic dish that’s sure to fill you up. It includes an awesome, seldom used melon, which is low in calories and high in nutrition. It contains folic acid,   potassium,   vitamin A, and   beta carotene all very good nutrients. Folic acid in particular if a good supplement for pregnant women! Today’s recipe ? Winter Red Sauce over Spaghetti Squash (Serves about 4)   Ingredients:   ·          1 spaghetti squash, sliced in half and seeded ·          3 tablespoons eSutras Organics Extra-Virgin Olive Oil ·          1/4 cup ground vegan sausage ·          1 small onion, chopped ·          1 small green bell pepper, chopped ·          2 cloves garlic, chopped ·          1/2 cup sliced fresh mushrooms ·          1 (6.5 ounce) can tomato sauce ·          1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste ·          3/4 cup water ·          2 tablespoons eSutras Organics Greek Seasonings Blend ·          2 tablesp

Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

  The holidays are fast approaching. Halloween is days away, Thanksgiving will hurriedly follow after. The obligatory scrambling for the perfect gift for your loved ones for Christmas will be here before you know it.   For some the holiday season is already in progression.   Several Jewish holidays have already passed and today even, October 20, 2011, is Atzeret -   Simchat Torah , a Jewish celebration of completion of the annual reading of the torah, until sundown. So it’s understandable everyone is already in a festive mood. But it can all be a little overwhelming, especially the finding of the perfect gift. eSutras Organics wants to help take some of the pressure off of all these holidays barreling down on you. We have the perfect gift for anyone who kitchen savvy! eSutras Organics now has tons of awesome kitchenware items. Cookie tins in a variety of sizes, spice canisters, professional style stainless steel measuring cups, pasta holders and vintage style tea, co

Best Thing about Cold Weather? Hot and Delicious Drinks!

Walking to work this morning was the pits. I live in Chicago and today’s weather forecast was rainy, cloudy, and to top it all off wind speeds up to 50 mph…The weatherman, for once, wasn’t lying. Scarf wrapped around my face, head bowed, I trudged against the whipping gusts Chicago is notorious for. By the time I made it in, what little of my face that was exposed was dry, numb, and chapped. My hands were frozen, incapable of movement. My fall jacket was seriously being considered replaced by a much bulkier version with layers underneath.   The words of the Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” aptly applied to my sentiments about Chicago’s weather…we’re not in summer anymore. A part of me was sad with this discovery, but a part of me was excited. Cold weather is a hassle to deal with, but some really fun things happen in winter. Sledding, snowball fights, relaxing after a hard day out with a delicious and hot tea. The hot drinks eSutras Org

Do Your Heart a Favor!

Food nowadays is in my opinion the worst. Everything is pre-packaged, pumped full of sodium and other non-natural chemicals and delivered to growing kids in brightly colored packaging. People don’t think twice about munching on food whose ingredients they can’t even pronounce. I don’t think “Nutritional Value” should include ferrous sulfate, niacin, or mononitrate, which are common ingredients in most chip-type snacks. Results are typically high blood pressure. High blood pressure has many symptoms but is sometimes called "the silent killer" because who have high blood pressure typically don't know it until their blood pressure is measured. Symptoms sometimes include: ·          Headache ·          Dizziness  ·          Blurred vision ·          Nausea and vomiting ·          Chest pain   and shortness of breath. People often do not seek medical care until they have symptoms arising from the organ damage caused by chronic high blood pressure.

Great Snack before Dinner!

If you’re anything like me waiting around for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready is the pits. Just the smell of all that delicious food cooking makes your mouth water! And number one rule at my Thanksgiving family dinner: NO SAMPLES OF THE FOOD! I always have to wait until everything is done before I can eat even a small bite of the great food my mom whips up. Because of the problem today’s recipe is a great before dinner snack. Not only is it keeping with the season, it’s delicious, simple, good for you, and won’t spoil your appetite for when the main course is ready! Enjoy! Sugar Glazed Walnuts (Serves about 8, but recipes can be adjusted to accommodate a large Thanksgiving get together!) Ingredients: ·          2 cups walnut halves ·          3/4 cup eSutras Organics Raw Cane Juice Sugar (organic) ·          1/4 cup water ·          2 tblspns eSutras Organics Heart Healthy Culinary Oil Directions: 1.        Lightly oil a baking sheet. 2.         

Tea Time!

  With the upcoming colder season looming, there’s no better way to be prepared than warding off the potential illnesses that come along with it. Cold weather doesn't always mean you get sick, but it definitely doesn't help. That’s why eSutras Organics offers a wide variety of delicious organic tea blend that have lots of different sickness preventative properties. We also have immune boosting tea blend and some teas that are just good and good for you. So curl up with a hot mug of our specially made teas and say goodbye to the hassles of sniffling and sneezing! A few of our amazing teas that really help you out in the winter are: eSutras Organics Defense Tea is perhaps our best tea for fighting those pesky viruses. Made with Astragalus, Amla, Hoodia, Rosehip, Ginger root, Schizandra Berry, Hibiscus Petal, Licorice Root, Neem Leaf, Stevia Leaf, Ashwaganda Root, Goldenseal, and Rosemary. Chock full of immune boosting herbs and antioxidants this tea is a m