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Healthy Pasta Kit: Mediterranean

Want to impress friends and help your family boost their metabolism and start a detox for Spring? Let eSutras help!! We're making news !!! Check us out!!! We have the perfect healthy and metabolism boosting recipe for you to try; along with the perfect ingredients. (Recipe card comes free with the kit!!) This kit contains our very own eSutras Extra Virgin Olive Oil , our exclusive garlic salt, one of our newest custom blend: Greek Seasoning Blend and three of our delicious stimulant spices: Black Pepper, Dill Seed and Thyme . This perfect party / family size kit has all the trimmings you will need to complete cooking your Mediterranean Spring Pasta dish in a jiffy. Shop online at eSutras Organics today! 

Frankincense & Myrrh

Myrrh was used as an embalming ointment and as a penitential incense in funerals and cremations until the 15th century. The "holy oil" traditionally used by the Eastern Orthodox Church for performing the sacraments of chrismation and unction is traditionally scented with myrrh, and receiving either of these sacraments is commonly referred to as "receiving the Myrrh". Myrrh and frankincense have had spiritual significance since ancient times and they also were adopted as medicines for physical ailments. When referring to this pair of herbs, Westerners might immediately think of their historic importance in religion. The herbs are best known through the story of the Three Wise Men (Magi) delivering gold, frankincense, and myrrh for the baby Jesus; myrrh was also used to anoint Jesus' body after the crucifixion. Shop online at eSutras Organics today! 

Assorted Gourmet Sugar!!

Here at eSutras we offer an extensive line of flavored organic sugar!! We have an assorted sample set that is sure to please!!! Organic sugar can refer to several types of sugar made usually from sugar cane. In all cases, the materials used to make the sugar are organically grown, though definition of organic may vary in different countries. Usually a loose definition is that the sugar cane or sugar beets aren’t treated with things like pesticides or grown with commercial fertilizers.   Shop online at eSutras Organics today! 

Green Metropolis Fair!!!

eSutras will be a featured vendor at the Green Metropolis Fair on April 16, 2011. Please come by for a peak of some of the special events going on that day and take advantage of some excellent deals!!! Join us for this special all day Earth Month Event to celebrate spring, sustainable living & wellness! Free entry; non-perishable food donation requested. All are welcome. Hands on family-friendly activities: farm animals, composting and more!     Multiple showings of Dirt! The Movie & Vanishing of the Bees. Requested donation $5 per family. Your small donation helps bring events like this to underserved communities throughout our region.     Retail market with sustainable business vendors     Food market with local restaurants and chefs     Presentations on car-sharing, gardening, composting, CSAs, and more. Irish American Heritage Center Saturday, April 16th, 10am-4pm Irish American Heritage Center 4626 N. Knox, Chicago IL Ample free parking. Conveniently located o

The Benefits of Almonds!!!

Almonds are healthy nuts loaded with lots of essential nutrients. Almonds eaten raw or fried, tastes good. It is an ingredient used in various snacks and sweets to enhance its nutritional value. There are various claims on health benefits of almonds. It is said almonds are beneficial for proper development of brain and for improved complexion as well as for healthy hair. There are various proven benefits of almonds in our daily life. It is the best natural fat burning food. Therefore it is used for losing weight naturally as it has good fiber content. In addition to this, more fiber content helps in proper digestion as well as increases energy level. We can also find various evidences of almonds health benefits in maintain cholesterol level. Munching of almonds instead of some unhealthy snacks helps in reducing excess fat accumulated around your waist. Most importantly, almonds are very beneficial for heart health. They contain low levels of saturated fat and have no