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We're Really Proud of ....

.. our new eSutras Organics Gourmet Spices line. Just launched today, and with astounding results! We've only got three spices right now, but they're strange, enticing and delicious. Find them - as usual - at the Dill Pickle Co-op in Logan Square, Chicago (3039 W. Fullerton Ave .). Wondering what you can do with said strange, yet enticing gourmet spices? Here's what we think: Pomegranate Peel Powder: Pomegranate Peel isn't a flavoring agent, but it is jam-packed with nutrients, which is why we suggest you use it as an herbal supplement. Add just a little bit of eSutras Organics Pomegranate Peel Powder to your morning smoothie, yogurt, cereal or to soups and stews. According to studies in nutrition, science and food science, Pomegranate Peel offers you double the amount of vitamin C and antioxidants than is found in the pulp or juice of the fruit. Fenugreek Seed: Fenugreek is a traditional Middle Eastern spice, used in traditional pickling processe

Berberé, Panch Phoran, Quatre-Epices, Vindaloo

Can you guess what all these words have in common? No? Well, we'll just tell you because we're about to burst with excitement . All our new eSutras Organics spice blends are now available at the Dill Pickle Co-op in Logan Square, Chicago! We've got new packaging, a new look and a bunch of amazing, unusual blends that you'd be hard-pressed to find at other Chicago grocery stores. Here's a little taste of our fantastic new design: 4 oz. of eSutras Cajun Spice seasoning, traditional Bayou Goodness. Find the Dill Pickle here: View Larger Map Wondering what exactly Panch Phoran, Berberé or Vindaloo spice blends are? Check the blog in the next few weeks to find recipes and uses for some of our more exotic varieties. eSutras Organics Chinese Five-Spice Blend For now, here's a little bit about eSutras Organics Quatre-Epices Spice Blend: "Quatre-Epices" literally means "Four-Spice" in French (It's a blend made o