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Winter Skin

Chicago winter has brought biting cold wind, snow drifts, torrents of rain, ice, AND 60 degree weather all in 1 month! Needless to say this can cause your skin to go through torment! The fluctuating weather can cause dry crack skin which most moisturizers only help relieve temporarily (thank to ALCOHOL being an active ingredient in most) and they cost upwards of $20 for a measly 8 oz tube. This isn't helping your pocket book or your skin, so why not take a different approach? eSutras Neem Oil is one of the best skin care products out today. In case you didn't know, Neem is a tree known for it skin healing properties. Used in toothpastes, creams and some lotions, this amazing product rejuvenates even the driest skin. Friend's of mine with eczema swear by it, and eSutras supplies that demand. The price is right as well, at only $5.25 for a 2 oz. bottle, this oil quells my dry skin problem, and could possibly do the same for you. Don't miss out! Lots of Love

Change Your Mind

We get a wide array of people who use eSutras products. It always fills me with pride to present one of our wonderful products and hear how it changed their lives after.  Case in point: An unusual customer strolls into eSutras retail showroom yesterday. He lives not too far from our offices and decided to come check us out. He asks me a few halting questions about random essential oils and after giving him a few answers he finally cuts to the chase. He has really bad respiratory problems and he’s looking for something to help. He’s never believed in “hippie-dippy” products, but nothing else is working. I immediately recommend eSutras Eucalyptus essential oil . I use it myself (with instructions from a licensed aroma-therapist) and it has helped most sinus and respiratory problems I suffered after developing severe allergies to mold as a teenager. He buys the product, after eying it skeptically, and leaves with very little hope. The next day an email reads “I can’t believe

Sugar and Spice!

                                               Today's Topic: Sugar and Salt Sugar and salt. The two most basic cooking ingredients across the world -- used in almost every meal in some fashion to enhance flavor. We’ve taken them a step further by enhancing our own organic cane sugar and salt blend with captivating, natural flavors . They make it super easy to liven up one of your favorites dishes or inspire new, creative ideas. You could dash Green Tea Mint Salt over steamed or raw veggies, Citrus Salt around the rim of a margarita, roll fresh fruit in Cocoa Sugar, or add Berry Limone Sugar to a smoothie. Here at eSutras we use Himalayan Rock Salt as the base for all of our salts and Organic Cane Juice Sugar as the basis for our sugars. From there we add pure botanicals and extracts to give every salt and sugar a rich, but not overpowering flavor.  Personally, I use Tropical Sugar on nearly everything. Such a diverse blend of equatorial flavors make this t