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New and Delicious

Trying a new dish is always interesting. Whether the experience creates a new favorite food or if you discover Lima beans just aren’t for you, trying new foods is always fun and a window into another world. The best and easiest way to start is by picking a foreign food. The diet of cultures outside America is vastly different.   Some foods that are common in China some Americans have never even heard of! The great thing, though, is that America is a melting pot. You don’t have to travel 5000 miles just to taste authentic Mediterranean cuisine. You can get the recipes and ingredients from the tips of your fingers. Try this awesome Monday recipe to get a feel for the different!                                            Barley, Lentil, and Tahini Soup  (Serves 6) Ingredients: ·          1 onions (peeled and thinly sliced) ·          2 leek (finely chopped use both white and green parts) ·          ¼ cup eSutras Organics Chili Powder ·          2 garlic c