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Summer’s Perfect Combinations

Enjoy a day in the sun with some of eSutras Organics favorite summer drinks and sweeteners! Sweet Iced Tea is a classic summer drink; eSutras offers a fresh take on everyone’s favorite backyard get together drink. 
Try these combinations of delicious herbal tea and organic cane sugar which give you a different and delicious taste profile with each flavor fusion! 
Om Tao Tea & Tropical Sugar 

These two are a match made in heaven! Om Tao Tea is packed full of aromatic jasmine, orange peel, lemongrass, passion flower and more! Paired with our exotic a citrusy Tropical Sugar infused with pure strawberry and pineapple extract, one sip and you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island! 

Defense Tea & Spicy Rose Sugar 

Summer is a NOT temporary barrier against colds and flu. Many people catch the flu or have a cold during the summer due to exposure to the virus itself. Steel your immunity system against poor health with a different spin on ice tea. Defense Teahas Neem, Schizandra Berry, an…

Dip Into Summer! - RECIPE

Nothing completes a Summertime get together like a great dip. It satisfies your guest appetite while the main course is being prepared and there's no reason to slack on the appetizers. Try these wonderful recipes to have a memorable summer BBQ!

                                                                                     Citrus Hemp and Pesto Dip
                                                                                     (Serves about 4)

                                                                 Ingredients:5 cups of Basil Leaves5 Cloves of fresh garlic2 cups of eSutras Organics Hemp Seed Hearts2 cups if eSutras Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil1/2 teaspoon of eSutras Organic Citrus Salt1/2 teaspoon of eSutras Organics Black Pepper2 tspfresh parsley, minced

Mix together all ingredients in a food processor for about 2 minutes.
Stop mixing a drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil into the mix.
Continue mixing in food processor for an additional 2 minutes or un…