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Chai Spiced Cider

This delicious recipe for Chai Spiced Cider is from our very own Sales Manager Kurt King. This cider is very tasty and full of flavor. Its great for chilly days and the fall season period. Chai Spiced Cider has incredible health benefits and an amazing aroma. Your home will be smelling of this wonderful season, Fall!  If your planning a Halloween party or just feeling a bit frisky!!!, Go ahead and add a pint of dark rum!! Chai Spiced Cider Ingredients: 2 tbsp esutras Karmic Blend chai tea 3 cups water 1 tsp esutras Cinnamon bark 5 cups  organic unfiltered apple juice 1 organic orange sliced 1 organic apple (I prefer gala) bite size chunks 2 tsp esutras Spicy Rose Sugar pinch of esutras Ground Ginger Instructions: brew the loose tea with three cups water, cinnamon bark, and three orange slices (leaving the other slices for later use) pour brewed tea into a large pot (disregard the tea, cinnamon bark and orange slices) low heat on stove top we want to see the

Perfect Raw Brownies

Perfect Raw Brownies In a world where bad eating habits are so prominent, it is a wonderful feeling to see people enjoying a treat like "Perfect Raw Brownies". 2 cups GroundChopped pecans 2 cups dates 1/2 cup eSutras cocoa   3 good tsp eSutras agave Icing 2 tbsp eSutras coconut oil 2 tbsp very ripe avocado 2 tbsp eSutras agave 1 tsp eSutras cocoa *What you will need: Food Processor (If you don’t have chopped pecans) Wood Spoon or Hand mixer Begin: Place ground pecans in a large bowl Add dates and agave into ground pecans Next add cocoa Once you have mixed all these ingredients together *You can add more agave if you feel your mixture is too dry or if you like it sweet!* Press mixture into an 8x8 pan and start your icing Icing: Add all ingredients and blend very well with your hand-mixer. A nice creamy light brown color is what we are looking for. Add icing to the brownies. Refrigerate for an hour Then Eat!! *I garnished with fresh mint and serv

Do You Need to De-Tox??? Its Fall!!! Our Bodies Change just like the Seasons.

Take our quiz and find out if you need to detox your body, then read about and use our helpful suggestions. Answer – Yes or No 1. I feel tired and lethargic all the time YES / NO 2. I catch colds easily. YES / NO 3. I usually have bad breath. YES / NO 4. I tend to get congested, stuffed-up, or post-nasal drip. YES / NO 5. I have unpleasant body odors with out deodorant or perfume. YES / NO 6. I often have bloating, gas or indigestion after eating. YES / NO 7. I usually have dark circles under my eyes. YES / NO 8. I have allergies. YES / NO 9. I have eczema, acne, or psoriasis. YES / NO 10. I often go for more than one day without having a bowel movement. YES / NO 11.I am a current or former smoker, or I spend time regularly around smokers. YES / NO 12. I usually drink less than three cups of water a day YES / NO 13. I usually eat meat two times or more a day. YES / NO 14. I tend to get bloated or puffy. YES / NO 15. I usually eat st

Genetically Modified Foods

List of genetically modified foods: It’s virtually impossible to provide a complete list of genetically modified food (GM food) in the United States because there aren’t any laws for genetically modified crops! Some estimates say as many as 30,000 different products on grocery store shelves are "modified." That's largely because many processed foods contain soy. Half of North America's soy crop is genetically engineered! Rapeseed - Resistance to certain pesticides and improved rapeseed cultivars to be free of erucic acid and glucosinolates. Gluconsinolates, which were found in rapeseed meal leftover from pressing, are toxic and had prevented the use of the meal in animal feed. In Canada, where "double-zero" rapeseed was developed, the crop was renamed "canola" (Canadian oil) to differentiate it from non-edible rapeseed. Honey - Honey can be produced from GM crops. Some Canadian honey comes from bees collecting nectar from GM c