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Iced Summer Drinks and Rimmers!

Sweet Summer Treats

Looking to throw an unforgettable summer luau or to simply unwind after a hot summer day? Well look no more! My eSutras Organics has all the right stuff to help you create delicious luau-inspired drinks for any summer party or to help you get the most out of summer!

With our delicious extract enriched sugars and our nutritious herbal tisanes your luau drinks will be the talk of the neighborhood. Check out these delicious pairings:

Delicious Berry Limone Sugar rimmed Herbal Medley Tisane is a tasty pairing of rich antioxidant fruits like raspberry and strawberry with healthy herbs like tulsi, passion flower, lemongrass and spearmint make the perfect summer drink!

Try our super chiller combination of pure organic Peppermint Tisane with our hugely popular Mint Sugar. This sweet and exhilarating drink will prove you can have winter in the middle of July!

Relax on a slow summer day with our ultimate calming summer combo of Nirvana Tisane and Lavender Sugar. A blend of calming and nutritious herbs like blue lotus, albizzia, mullein, and hops give the pure, sweet lavender sugar a just what it needs to unwind after a hot summer day.                                                                                                                                         
All of these iced teas will take your taste buds to the next level. Get rid of the over processed, high fructose corn syrup, fruity drink the supermarkets throw at you and taste just how healthy you can make this summer season.

Have a Happy Summer, Teri                   


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